Where the UK wants to holiday in 2021…

Worldwide holidaymakers have had to put their trips on pause this year and with so much uncertainty surrounding the self-isolation rules, it’s clear that most are now searching for a 2021 holiday to remember!

Only recently, after being given the green light, Spain is now back on the ‘self-isolation for 14 days after return’ list, putting many off travelling there and grinding tourism back to a halt.

However, the population are already casting an optimistic eye to the future. According to Google Trends, online searches for ‘2021 holiday’ have increased by an incredible 124% since the end of March so it’s clear to see that people are using this time in lockdown to research next year’s getaway.

We were keen to find out just where in the world people are hoping to head for their much anticipated post-lockdown holidays, so to reveal 2021’s most dreamed of destinations, we reviewed data for the UK, to discover which countries travellers are searching for on Google for next year.

Here’s what we found.

The Most Popular 2021 Destinations in UK Searches

1. The Maldives

With an average of 6000 monthly searches, it’s clear that we’re dreaming of desert island escapes in the Maldives for our 2021 holiday. This picture-perfect archipelago is home to incredible island resorts where there’s little more to do than just relax, go snorkelling or diving, head out on sunset cruises and revive your body and mind at the spa. Exclusive and luxurious, it’s easy to see why these string of paradise atolls have taken top spot.

2. Mexico

Mexico provides an intriguing blend of culture, history, adventure and beach life, just a few of the reasons why it’s the second most popular destination for Brits planning their 2021 holiday. Cancun is a hot spot for those seeking a lively nightlife scene and gorgeous coastlines; head a little further south to the Mayan Riviera for ultra luxe all-inclusive resorts or Tulum for fascinating Mayan monuments and a more laid-back vibe. Those seeking to satisfy cravings for tasty Mexican dishes, dive into the country’s history and soak up Mexican culture should head to vibrant Mexico City and join an escorted a tour across the country.

3. Bali

With its gorgeous beaches, rolling rice-terrace-cloaked hills and tropical rainforests, as well as some incredible dining and nightlife experiences on offer, diverse Bali definitely deserves third position on the UK’s 2021 holiday wish list. The coastline is so varied – you can experience white- and black-sand bays, hidden coves, atmospheric party beaches and relaxed surfing spots around the island. Bali also has some of the best scuba diving sites on the planet, as well as historic temples, relaxing spas and luxurious resorts hidden in the hills around Ubud.

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