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Camping Holidays in the UK Lake District

British havens made for camping

Camping has seen a surge in popularity since the COVID-19 pandemic began and as travelling abroad has become more challenging. Fortunately, there are many locations across the UK that offer something spectacular as people get in touch with nature more than ever...

Unmissable British city breaks

Many Brits look to the continent for city breaks even though some of the world’s most fascinating cities are right on their doorstep. While the COVID-19 outbreak can make jetting off to foreign lands difficult, why not take the opportunity to tick Britain’s must-sees...

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Sharm el-Sheikh back open for business

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Become a Co-op member!

When you invest just £1, you can become a Chelmsford Star Co-op member and earn membership points for your holiday booking.

This means you’ll earn money back when you travel with us that can go towards your next break (or spent in Quadrant department stores or local Co-op food shops)!

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