Top 10 places to visit post-lockdown
April 30, 2020

One thing is for sure, in these uncertain times… Once we’ve beaten Covid-19, and international flights are open once again, there will be a lot of travellers making up for lost time. But will we really want to visit anywhere crammed with tourists?

Here is our list of the top 10 ‘under-the-radar’ destinations to check out, which should scratch your travel itch post-lockdown, whilst still avoiding the crowds.

Yorkshire Moors

Dotted with old mill chimneys, and far from the hustle of modern British life, a trip up to the moors has the benefit of being cheap, close to home AND has plenty of space for you to spread out. Stop at a B&B somewhere away from the usual tourist spots, like Hebden Bridge, and enjoy rural walks, quiet picturesque villages, and plenty of good old-fashioned British countryside.



One of the least visited of the African countries, Gambia uniquely is made up of desert, coast and wetland and is sure to surprise visitors. Nature-lovers will enjoy a tour of its namesake river, bursting with bird species, crocs, hippos and monkeys. There are no crowds of tourists, but plenty of sun and beaches to enjoy.



Despite being one of the main islands in Indonesia, Sulawesi is frequently overlooked by tourists heading to better known islands like Bali. Those who discover the island are rewarded with break-taking views and several neighbourhoods each with their own unique flavour. Take some time to explore the tropical wildlife, but don’t forget to simply relax…



Europe’s least visited country, and one of its poorest too, Moldova tends to attract less than 160,000 visitors a year. Yet its home to a UNESCO World Heritage site, a crumbling open-air monastery called the Orheiul Vechi, and many other majestic ancient buildings and historical sites. Take a look – you’ll be surprised!



The fastest growing destination on this list, many have still never heard of idyllic Tajikistan. Enjoy picnics near the Pamir Mountains on Yashikul Lake, or meet the locals and discover their customs as you soak up the sun in their hill-side villages.



A beautiful Portuguese getaway, Comporta lies along the Troia Peninsula and is made up of plenty of charming beaches and small towns away from the hustle and bustle of the traditional tourist. Head there for a relaxing atmosphere and breath-taking views, away from pollution and the busy life of the cities.


Haida Gwaii Islands

This collection of islands in British Columbia are home to rare animal species, hundreds of rare archeological treasures, and dramatic landscapes. Home to a small village of just 4,500 natives, and surrounded by ocean and forests, you’ll feel like you’ve taken a holiday on the edge of the world.


Northern Sudan

If people want to see pyramids, they tend to head to Egypt. However, Sudan has more than 200 of them built by Nubian Kings. Less crowded by far, Northern Sudan has all the magical monuments and unique native customs of the more well-known home of the Pharoahs, but is relatively tourist free and often over-looked.



Located on the edge of the Moroccan side of the Sahara desert, you’ll find a small isolated city called Dakhla. Less than 100,000 visit the city, but those who do are charmed by the huge golden dunes and lagoons, and many come to kite surf. With views to drink in, along with their unique Sahrawi mint tea, this undiscovered gem is great for sun lovers and those keen to try a new adventure sport.


Northeast Cambodia

Often considered the untouched area of the country, northeast Cambodia is a good alternative to tourists who want to avoid the crowds. Home to rare forest elephants, freshwater dolphins, and many isolated villages, and surrounded by thundering waterfalls, crater lakes and lush forests, staying socially isolated has never been so relaxing.

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