Top 10 peaceful holiday destinations!
February 13, 2019

If you’re just in from another stressful day at work, the kids are screaming the house down, dinner needs doing and the washing basket is full, you may be yearning to get away to somewhere peaceful for a few days. Well, you’re in luck! Figures released in the Global Peace Index (GPI) have recently announced just where these places are in the world.

Ranked on a number of factors, including crime rates, military spend, terror threat and financial support to UN peacekeeping missions (among others), the GPI suggests the following Top 10 Peaceful Countries as ideal places to visit.



10. Ireland

Its positive population, independence and neutral army has led to a boom in Ireland’s tourism over recent years. Beautiful and prosperous, we’d thoroughly recommend a trip to the Emerald Isle. Why not consider an escorted trip to some of its most breath-taking destinations and take the stress out of driving too? Such as this one.


9. Japan

A country of unspoiled nature, exquisite food, and an almost tangible sense of well-being, Japan should be high on the list of any traveller looking for a little adventure. Tokyo is often ranked as the #1 city in the world for safety, and we’ve some hotel recommendations for every price-point here.


8. Singapore

With a low crime rate, this metropolis is known for its diversity and range of cultures. Foodies, art lovers and adrenalin enthusiasts can all find endless possibilities to fire their passions on a trip to Singapore. Alternatively, just sit back and relax in one of their many luxurious hotels, such as these.


7. Czech Republic

Continuous improvements in international relations, personal safety and political stability have ensured Czech Republic remains one of the most peaceful countries to visit. Its high education rates and low unemployment make it a peaceful place to live for its residents too. Even better, the short travelling time means you can start your well-earned break quicker! We recommend Prague as a starting point, but can help you discover all sorts of hidden Czech destinations!


6. Canada

Politically stable, with a low crime and few internal conflicts, a large landmass and low population ensures Canada remains high on the Peace charts. Its inhabitants are happier too, and generally better off than most. Our travel teams can help you plan your perfect trip to all sorts of different Canadian locations, but our personal fave at the moment is the country’s largest city, Toronto.


5. Denmark

Low crime rates, a stable government and good record on human rights has ensured Denmark has remained high in the list of Most Peaceful Countries for some time, for visitors as well as residents. It was recently voted the ‘Happiest Country In The World’, which we put down to it being the birthplace to LEGO and also probably the best lager in the world… We wholeheartedly recommend a trip to the capital, Copenhagen and can help you discover the rest of the country from there.


4. Portugal

Whether sunning yourself on the beaches of the Algarve, or exploring the old town in Lisbon, this coastal country is the perfect stress-reliever and is the 4th safest country to visit. Though peaceful, it is worth noting that vigilance is required in the tourist areas – otherwise pickpockets may take advantage! There are all sorts of destinations we can help you get to in Portugal, but you could start here for some inspiration.


3. Austria

Very little goes wrong in Austria nowadays, and surrounded by the mountains, castles and medieval towns it would be hard to think otherwise. Landlocked, and friendly with its neighbours, Austria performs well when measuring wellbeing factors such as income, housing and jobs too. For an excellent ‘peaceful’ holiday destination, you could do a lot worse than Austria!


2. New Zealand

Travellers to New Zealand should be able to enjoy the countries vast beauty without worrying too much about internal strife and terror attacks. Famous for its ‘Middle-Earth’ scenery of glaciers, forests and volcanic landscapes, the most you’ll probably need to endure on a trip to New Zealand is the flight time (although, personally, we LOVE a long haul trip!).



1. Iceland

No army, navy or air-force, and a small population, give Iceland a major boost in the ‘most peaceful country’ stakes. It also enjoys record-low crime rates, non-existent class tensions, very little unemployment and great education and wellbeing statistics. Couple it with the beautiful vistas and relaxed pace that make it popular with overseas visitors and it is no wonder Icelanders can sleep well at night. They live in the most peaceful country in the world. Wanna visit it?


Co-op Travel Recommendation: It is always worth considering how quickly turmoil can rise in today’s world, and we always suggest checking the official status of even the safest country before visiting it. Our personal choice for this info is always The Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s website.

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