A quick nonstop flight from most airports, this exotic destination is surprisingly easy to get to, just 180 miles south of Florida. Perfect for those looking for an exotic, but easily accessible, getaway to beach all day and party all night, or for those looking to just indulge in the history and culture of the island.

The island country consists of more than 700 islands, but most tourists head to the resorts on Nassau for the best prices and luxurious accomodation. You can also stay on the Outer Islands if you’re happy to enjoy a simpler stay, however, with many hostel options. Nature lovers rejoice with underwater exploration of several spectacular coral reefs, hike the Lucayan Cavers, or meet the world’s largest flock of flamingos at the Inagua National Park. Alternatively, head to Big Major Cay Island if you’ve ever fancied swimming with pigs. Yes, we said pigs.

Most people will have some idea of what to expect when deciding to visit the Bahamas… white sand, teal surf, and plenty of time to relax. We say, prepare to be surprised. This multi-island getaway will give you so much more than you can dream of.

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