How to feel like you’re on holiday, at home
April 3, 2020

So, your holiday has been cancelled. You’re disappointed, fed up, and – more importantly – you’ve never felt more in need of a break, right? Same.

But we must remember this will pass.

To keep our spirits up, here’s our (tongue-in-cheek) guide to help you recreate that holiday feeling from the comfort of your self-isolated bubble.

1. Beach Holiday

If the sun is out, head into your garden. Have a picnic on the grass. Spray a hose about. Take off your shoes and socks and scrunch your toes up in a flower bed. If you feel adventurous, fill a couple of frying pans with water and put your feet in them. Add some salt for realism. Stay out, shivering and stubborn, long after you should have come back in. You get kudos for wearing a bathing suit.
If you don’t have a garden, have a picnic on your dining table. Apply some hand or face cream with a little salt mixed in for a true beach experience. Lie in front of a radiator for a bit. Wear sunglasses. Read a book.

2. Cosy wood cabin

Cover yourself in blankets and curl up on your sofa. If you have a fireplace or heater, use it. If not, download a photo of one and prop your device in front of you. Play some birdsong on your phone to drown out your neighbour’s kids. Make some coffee or a mug of soup and cup it in both hands like they do in TV commercials. Smile to yourself, ‘cos they do that too. Limit your DVD collection to just five films which you hate. Do a jigsaw.

3. Spa Break

With social distancing in place, you’ll have to skip that massage from an attractive stranger. Ideally, you’ll have a hot tub in the garden as a fun alternative.

If not, run a bath, fill it with bubbles, light a few candles around it. Sprinkle rose leaves about like they do in movies, and avoid thinking about having to clear it up later. If you’ve no roses, use grass clippings. Play some relaxing music and breathe deeply. Use a comfy bath pillow for added relaxation. If you don’t own one, an empty Pringles tube from your now-eaten stockpile will work surprisingly well. Post photos of your feet on Instagram.

4. Overseas

Often when we’re abroad we have no choice but to disconnect from the internet and enjoy the world around us. With COVID-19 news and panic-strewn social media literally on-hand 24/7, there is no better time to come offline and spend some time concentrating on your own mental health and wellbeing. You won’t miss anything; it will still be there when you go back on.

So, turn off your wi-fi. Turn off roaming. Instead, relax. Read, dance, finish a book, exercise, meditate, be creative. There has never been a more important time to self-care. And for added overseas holiday realness, eat your food in odd combinations, drink more wine than water, and ensure only hot milk is available for your tea.

5. The Real Deal

Make sure your cancelled trip is rescheduled. You’ll get there.

Use this time to plan your next trip. Where else is on your bucket list? Contact our team if you want some extra information or advice. Research what you’ll want to do when you’re there. Watch some videos on Youtube to get a feel of the place. Learn a few words of their language if they don’t speak English. Be patient. You’ll get there.

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