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Getting the most out of your coach tour
February 27, 2020

Coach trips are fantastic, cost-effective ways to see a variety of cities and countries in a matter of days. These routes and packages bring out the best in holiday destinations from Britain to the USA.

USA coach holidays

The vast Route 66 highway connecting Illinois and California is long gone, however some coach trip providers have recreated the long drive.

Tours typically begin in Chicago and stop at the eight states Route 66 originally ran through, giving an extensive view of the country over about two weeks before arriving in Los Angeles.

Many US coach tours are grouped by states, including Deep South trips across Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Mississippi and Louisiana and Midwestern excursions over many of the ‘square states’

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European coach holidays

It’s a great idea to pick a route spanning multiple countries if you’re looking for the ultimate variety in your coach tour, and Europe is tough to beat.

France, Luxembourg, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, for example, can all be experienced in five days. One popular route begins in Paris before stopping in Luxembourg City, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Brussels, allowing a day of exploration per city.

The close grouping of Slavic states like North Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina makes Southeast Europe another brilliant choice for a multinational coach trip. Get in touch with our travel advisers to find similar opportunities across the continent.

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Britain coach holidays

As well as being very reasonably priced, coach tours are fantastic ways to experience the best of Britain.

The UK’s rich history has made historical-based coach tours particularly popular. Landmarks such as Stonehenge and the sites of famous battles attract people from all over the world, so you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Some providers also give historical facts, trivia and booklets during their tours to enhance the experience. Check with your provider ahead of time if this is something you’re interested in.

Providers rarely offer trips across all four countries in the UK, however stopping in Wales, England and Scotland is a popular package that usually takes about a week. Speak with our travel advisers on how to find the best cross-country tours in Britain.

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