ABTA: Who they are, and why we hope you don’t need them
October 23, 2019

For peace of mind, always look for the ABTA logo when you book your holiday.

If you travel through us, you might not know it, but we’ve got you covered in the event something goes wrong with the arrangements. Maybe the hotel wasn’t exactly as described. Maybe your flights were delayed or cancelled. What if yet another airline has gone into administration and you can’t go away or get back? Just how much would it cost you? Well you can relax, because we’re a fully-fledged, life-long member of ABTA, the association that protects tour operators and their clients.

ABTA works with the Foreign Office and with destinations all over the world, so can provide around-the-clock expert advice in a crisis. If you experience an issue that our team, acting as your agent, can’t immediately resolve, ABTA offers powerful additional support.
Booking your holiday with an ABTA-Member like us not only means that you’re booking with a reputable travel company, but you’re also able to take advantage of this support and independent protection too. They can also help you better understand your rights. This is hugely important for us as it means our clients can always be confident in any holiday they book through us.

The Co-operative Travel. Part of Chelmsford Star Co-op’s family of businesses, and a proud ABTA-member since 1986.

For more information on ABTA and their services, click here.

Become a Co-op member!

When you invest just £1, you can become a Chelmsford Star Co-op member and earn membership points for your holiday booking.

This means you’ll earn money back when you travel with us that can go towards your next break (or spent in Quadrant department stores or local Co-op food shops)!

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