As the world slowly returns to normal following the COVID-19 pandemic, countries are reopening their borders meaning many of us are starting to think about travelling abroad once again. After all, it’s been a long couple of years – so now that restrictions are lifting, it may finally be time to take that break you’ve been longing for.

Alas, things still aren’t quite the same as they were before; there are still a few things to remember when travelling abroad post-pandemic. Here’s what you ought to know if you’re thinking about jetting off again to make sure you are fully prepared.

  1. Know your location.
    Although some countries have now lifted restrictions entirely, many of them still have some entry requirements regarding proving your COVID status (which may differ depending on whether or not you are vaccinated). Be sure to check the foreign travel advice pages on [CLICK HERE] for details of any requirements for a particular country before you book your flights.
  2. Go cashless if you can.
    In a post-pandemic world, cash continues to be as unpopular as ever – as many retailers still prefer contactless transactions or may not even accept cash at all. Why not forgo the trip to the bureau de change and look for a debit card with fee-free usage abroad instead? Many of the newer digital banks offer this as standard, often with competitive exchange rates.
  3. Double check your paperwork.
    Some of the entry requirements as mentioned above may include things like proof of vaccination, a PCR test, or completing an online passenger locator form. Be sure the confirmations are easily accessible on your device, or print them off where you can, to ensure you always have them to hand during your journey.
  4. Don’t forget your mask!
    Even though the rules have relaxed considerably at home concerning face masks, don’t be caught out when you are abroad, as there may be stricter rules still in place elsewhere. At the very least it is still strongly advised to wear one on the plane, so be sure to have a couple handy when you are travelling.
  5. Allow for queuing.
    Relaxed travel rules have of course resulted in busier airports – combine this with the added step of checking all those extra documents and you may be looking at a slightly longer wait to board your plane. Be sure to leave with plenty of time to check in and get through security to avoid any mishaps with your flight.
  6. Know your coverage.
    It is always a good idea to have travel insurance, but in the current climate be sure to know what is and isn’t covered in regard to COVID – particularly where cancellations, interruptions and emergency medical expenses are concerned. So, if the worst does happen and you test positive before you’re due to fly, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re covered.
  7. Enjoy the outdoors!
    After months of being cooped up indoors, be sure to enjoy some time outdoors, wherever you go. Enjoy a walk on the beach, some clean mountain air or alfresco dining for some effortless and relaxing social distancing away from busy crowds. Of course, if you’re keen to get back into bustling bars while you’re on holiday, just don’t forget the hand sanitiser!
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